Cheshire Cat Costume - Creating Your Ideal Costume

Published: 27th August 2010
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Alice in Wonderland is a classic story from the eighteen hundreds. In it, Alice meets many characters, including the Cheshire Cat, who vanishes and speaks in riddles. With a Cheshire Cat costume, you can befuddle and bewilder your friends.

The character of this mystical cat has been an interesting one to interpret in plays, pantomimes and movies. Whether the character is a line drawing or live on stage, there are certain qualities of this role that can make for some fun play at your next party.

This role allows people to interpret the role in their own way. Men often play at being the Tom cat on the prowl. Women play at being a bit saucy. Children can embody the playfulness and silliness of the Cat.

Costumes for this character can be quite varied. While you can make your own, it would take a lot of time to do so. Prepared costumes would probably end up saving both time and money. If you do choose to make your own, choose a design that suits its purpose.

Choose a costume that reflects the way you want to play the role. If it is for a child, you will want to check out the one piece costumes for your little one. Sexy or sweet? Many costumes come with many accessories. Anything from gloves for the cat's paws to tails and ears. Remember to wear make up to complete the look.

Of course, the characteristic part of being this Cat is its grin. If you have any magical talent and can make yourself appear and disappear, this could be a fun way to interpret this role. Make sure you wear a smile wherever you go and there will be no question who you are. Everyone will wonder who that is in the incredible Cheshire Cat Costume.

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